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What's YOUR Name worth?

To estimate the value of a Domain, consider what the value of one new customer is to your business, including its lifetime residual value and all of the referrals that customer will provide. Multiply this number by the number of new customers your new premium URL might attract, including "type-in" and "keyword" Search Engine traffic.

For example, if each of your customers is worth £1,000 over their lifetime, and your new URL attracts 50 new customers over the life of your company, then the Domain could be valued at £50,000 to your business. If your premium URL attracts 10,000 new customers and they are valued at only £5 each over their lifetime then you would come up with the same £50,000 valuation.

It follows that, if you can buy a Domain for a few thousand pounds and it is worth tens of thousands to your business, then it's clearly a bargain. In theory, the more premium Domains you have that generate site traffic and new customers, the better. All premium Domains can easily point to your existing Website pages to attract the Search Engine and type-in traffic, although there is no need to overdo it.

Regardless of how many additional customers a Domain attracts to your company, it should keep its resale value and in all likelihood grow more valuable over time.


Star Internetting

What's in a Name?

Says who you are.
Permanent, portable, unique Website address.
Permanent and optionally temporary, as well as numerous email addresses.
Ideal for all your advertising.
Tremendous aid to being found quickly.
Essential if one day you might need a network.
Added value.
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There are no intermediary third parties involved when Star Internetting arranges Domain Name Registrations. When it comes to .UK Domains, we are an authorised Nominet registrar, so we abide by the guidelines and get it right - which makes us a rare commodity seeing as we design and host too. We aren't kidding when we say we can do the lot!


If you missed out on getting your dot.COM or your dot.UK we won't just suggest something else, but can get you a different type of Domain altogether if it will suit what you do better.

We register, manage and renew Domain Names as a PART of our Web Design service for our customers. If you register a Domain independently for yourself, there can be unexpected issues when it comes to actually using it.

Your Domain!

Your Domain helps you stand out from the crowd, the more so when you get a name which represents your interests well. Don't risk regretting any delay about this. We can register quickly and correctly on your behalf.