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Latest products include superb online SHOPPING CART installation with full support to sell YOUR products - if you've a shop, ask us for info.

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You will want professional, straightforward pages which provide answers to people's questions and are findable; a solution to suit your budget and want your site to grow as your business activity expands.

Your Website will be an advertisement for us as well as you, so it has to work well. Domain Names registered, pages created and sites hosted, we do the lot.

Setting up Web Shop in Four Moves - a Beginner's Guide

"Doing business on the Internet is like everything else in life
and the most difficult part is just getting started."

If you are going to set up a Web window for your business two questions at the top your list will be: How and How Much? Here are some tips which tie in with our experience.

Look Around

It's obvious, but put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. Examine how others in your industry present themselves: make a list of what you think they are doing right or wrong, and if you were a customer ... would you think about giving them your custom?


You will want to be sure your business is ready for E-commerce and need to set out:

  • What are your products and services? How will your prices compare with businesses which do not have Websites? How will you process customers' orders? How will you look after sales enquiries and aftersales? Can you guarantee satisfaction & handle returns? Will you want overseas orders?
  • Just because your business thrives offline, it does not necessarily follow you will sell as well online, and some products are not so saleable due to high delivery costs, liability issues or the real need for interpersonal skills. If your business is not already a success, you will need to think carefully before investing in a serious Web presence. A realistic assessment now may save you time and expense later.
Keep It Simple to Begin With

Dip your toe in the water! Too many attempts in the past to build a complex Website never got off the ground because of unrealistic expectations and increasing technical costs. Identify your most basic objectives and build on these. Schedule a review date for some months ahead when you will sensibly, based on real results, be able to evaluate how and when to move forward to the next stage. You may be surprised and change your initial intentions.

Pick a Website Developer

It's easy to find a solution provider for your intended Web Shop as there are so many about, but the difficulty is finding one who has genuine, practical business experience of their own, will actually listen to you and then construct it for you. They have got to remove the hassle so that you can concentrate on your business and if you want them to help you build the online side of your business - who should you go to?

It can be as difficult as buying a new house. Issues like site hosting, Domain Names, Email configuration, technical backup, credit card issues and costs can be confusing, when all you want to do is make sales. Don't be brow-beaten by high-faluting jargon and technobabble when you actually need someone who will talk plain language.

Updating Your Website for Yourself.

There was a time that when you needed to update something you had to pay your Web designer to do it or invest in the time and technology to do it yourself and, if it went wrong, still have to pay your designer to put it right. Now, if that's all right with you, then it's all right with us too, but...

To keep your Website right up to date with important information on the Superhighway, we can provide simple to use facilities so that you can change details just by using a Web Browser. So if you have a special offer you want to flash on and off across your first page, or you need to change a part of your site at a moment's notice - get us to set up your site so that you can.

Content management systems can be simple or complex to suit the needs. Don't get ripped off with a complicated and awkward to use system when what you really want is something elegant and simple to use.

If you or your staff prefer to instruct and lean on us with all your content alterations, or a combination, that's fine too. Alternatively, perhaps you are thinking about going on a short course to learn how to design and manage your pages for yourself - then consider this: it might make sense to have us create your Website to get you properly launched risk-free, and then you take over, applying what you learn a step at a time, appropriate to both your level of skills and how much time you can realistically afford to spare.

Quotations and Budgets

We're happy for you to obtain realistic quotes from whoever you choose, and then come to Star Internetting so we can tell you how much, and include advising you about any extras or overheads the others omitted to explain which you may or may not need! If you have a strict budget, we'll work with you to achieve the most from it. If we do a good job for you, we know you will want us to do more later on, so there's no point us overcharging or underperforming. Importantly and unlike so many others, this is our long term business, so you can expect us to be available - not disappearing off the face of the planet just when you need something crucial doing.

Remember - if you are just beginning, start with something basic which can be expanded upon in a sensible, stepwise manner, and in tune with your own experience. However, if you've had it from some firm that seems to specialise in letting you down - give us a try!

Wait a Minute!

What about all the technical stuff? Don't you want to discuss how marvellous the servers are and pore over long lists of specifications?

Hmmm, you could be right, we're here to talk about fine looking Websites that do business - but if you genuinely do have a technical question, just ask.

Try Us.

WE WANT TO CREATE YOUR WEB PAGES and MAKE THEM SPECIAL - inside out & back to front - try Star Internetting!

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